About Us

Bvuyiselo Health a subsidiary of Bvuyiselo Group, it was established in 2012 out of a vision and quest to provide integrated Mental Health and Psychological Services. The integrated Mental Health Services were inspired by the name Bvuyiselo- a Xitsonga derived-name; meaning “Restoration” which anchors our  Philosophy and our Purpose, namely: ‘Relational Health Restoration and Mental Serenity.’ Compelled by the quest to realise the Vision, we collated and pulled together inventive/innovative solutions anchored in expertise to establish integrated, seamless/relational, and mental health services to reach out to broader scope of psychotherapy. Through the expertise, we enhance our clients’ mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual-wellbeing and sustainability thereof.

Our Philosophy

Based on our Philosophy, the Individual Psychotherapy:

  • Empowers clients to challenge their comfort zones and enables them to push beyond their barriers;

  • Encourages and handholds our clients to confront and deal with root causes of their emotional difficulties; which could include, but not limited to depression, anxiety, etc.;

  • Enables our clients to reclaim control over their lives; and

  • Fulfils lives with internal mental strength to overcome life-storms.


Based on our Philosophy, in Couples Counselling & Therapy, we approach marriage as a mental contract; thus we;

  • Empower pre-marriage couples on principles that make marriages  work and flourish;

  • Guide couples into the process of challenging  their relationship pain, disconnect and  resentment cycle and break down the ‘s/he won’t change myth;

  • Enable couples to face hardcore marital issues; betrayal in marriage and the truth to  still choose to rise and want to rebuild a healthy marriage; and

  • Inculcate re-commitment  principles, and  rebuilding a healthy marriage mindset;

  • Apply  Christian principles in marriage and make them liveable and practical; and

  • Are devoted to instilling  personal growth for excellence- individually and in families.

Based on our philosophy, Our Seminars and Workshops are:

  • Targeted towards Practical Relational Problems (PRP) that are solution-based;

  • Offering relational trauma healing sessions; and

  • Encouraging couples, parents, children in finding fortitude in relations to achieve unmet needs.

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