Seminars & Workshops

Mother -Daughter Relational Workshop

 “Love is the centre of this special bond- mother – and -daughter, but along the way this love is matched and challenged by frictions- minor to full-blown rows as they grow older. The relationships between mothers and daughters affect other relationships, values, self-esteem, and sense of satisfaction throughout the whole life of both. Dynamics between mother and daughter are often co-created-, therefore to resolve the relations to re-bonding requires re-creation

Focus Areas

  1. The intensity of parenting a daughter;

  2. Deep memoir of being a mother - so crucial, yet rarely looked at so intensely;

  3. Daughter -child and need for affirmation and approval; and

  4. Effects of being a daughter to a strong personality mother.

  5. Bonding and Emerging stronger

Duration: 3 days

Premarital  Workshop


MARRIAGE is a God-built concept and institution; it cannot be accomplished by only the two of you.

Focus Areas

  1. Purpose of Marriage

-Why you marry; 

-Parents and in-laws- Your marriage or theirs


  1. Phases in marriage

Love vs Knowledge:      -Why knowledge overpowers love, 

-Christianity vs Spouse Care/Neglect


  1. Communication as a Couple:

Conflict-an enhancer or destroyer

- Staying in an uncomfortable but critical discussion

  1. Wants and needs in the Marriage


v. Are we certain and ready for THE MARRIAGE

Duration: 1.5 days

Couples & Marriage Workshop


 When love is beyond saving the marriage- overpowered by disbelief resulting into unbearable pain, disappointment, resentment, and confusion, we feel it’s over. You share your experience with best friends, trusted family member- most of what you get is:

  1. Once bitten twice shy theory;

  2. People don’t just change for they cannot change; and 

  3. Unhappy marriages are hopeless – just quit.

NO marriage is broken as a result of one partner, both are responsible directly and indirectly The above does not curb pain and confusion; hence lets rather explore solutions!!!

Focus Areas

  1. Where and how did it start

  2. Intensive renewal of self to give back into the marriage.

  3. Attention on the trigger or RATHER what is my contribution 

  4. Communication strain (e.g., poor communication, missing each other, lack of communication, etc)

  5. Mental Exhaustion in marriage

  6. My change and rebuilding- bouncing back

  7. Restoring hope and fulfilling marital relationship

Betrayal & Healing in Marriage


One might imagine infidelity is a simple, black and white issue without any grey in between. Several assume they have it all figured out. But the answers to what, who, why, and how of infidelity aren’t as obvious as we think. You may have already made a declaration to yourself that the moment your spouse steps out of your marriage, it’s over. Marital relationship is a lot more complicated than that. Unfortunately, sometimes the lapse in judgment leads to a full-blown affair, but often it doesn’t. Infidelity or any other form of betrayal may not necessarily have to end a marriage. There is hope after betrayal

Let’s work together on this journey of healing, not easy but worth it! 

Focus Areas

  1. What, why and how of betrayal

    • Reality living- concept of marriage in our communities 

    • Breaking some of the myths of marriage and tackling marriages- wrecked with:

Irresponsibility (e.g., negligence, role conflict, etc)


  1. Who decides what happens next

  2. Forgiveness and letting GO!!



Duration: 2 days (Short) /

5 days(INTENSE)

Mother and Daughter
Couples Therapy
Exchanging Rings
Therapy Session