Couples Psychotherapy

BVH couples therapy’s focus is on Premarital Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Broken
Marriage Restoration and Healing in Marriage.

i. PREMARITAL COUNSELLING: It is an intensive six (6) weeks (two days in a week
Counselling session on:
* Purpose of Marriage;
* Love vs Knowledge- when love is not enough to conquer all;
* Christianity vs Spouse Care/Neglect;
* Communication as a Couple: - Staying in an uncomfortable but critical
* Wants and needs in the Marriage; and
* Are we certain and ready for THE MARRIAGE?
Deals with:
a. Broken Marriage Restoration focusing on:
* Feelings of disconnect and being “too different;”
* Individual self-discovery after having been “lost”
* Bouncing back; and
* Determination to recover into building a fulfilling marital relationship.
b. Healing In Marriage
Our interventions have proven that no marriage beyond hope, written off and
unrestorable, no matter how desperate the situation is.
Healing in marriage deals with:
* Betrayal (e.g., Infidelity, pornography, addictions (workaholism, gambling, alcohol,
drugs, etc.), abuses;
* Abuse (e.g., emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, etc.);
* Communication strain (e.g., poor communication, missing each other, lack of
communication, etc.)
* Mental Exhaustion in marriage;

Couple Meditating
Romantic Couple
Loving Couple