Individual Psychotherapy

Life experiences – be it smooth, challenging or heartbreaking; best choices always shape
people for the better.
Having experienced physical, emotional abuse, loss and abandonment during childhood,
puzzled sense of belonging and identity as a teenager as well as relational challenges as an
adult, enables one to relate to pain. All these had a meaning, purpose, and future significance
in one’s own life which shapes the self you ultimately become.
Subsequently, compassion and passion developed which motivated me to have a desire to
helping people, (i.e., teenagers, adults and professionals with inner healing deficiency which
leads to self-discovery and personal mastery. Inner healing is a journey people often avoid
and resist from opening deep cutting emotional wounds, especially to others. However, once
the wound starts bleeding to a point of interfering in one’s day-to-day activities (inability to
focus, sticking to decisions made, blurred judgement, compromised physical health, being
unproductive, extreme sadness, etc.), it’s a sign to say it is time for an individual to give in to
the journey of self-discovery and healing.

Individual Psychotherapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eclectic in approach, allows
you the opportunity to be heard, understood, but most significantly to help one use one’s very
story, experience as a stepping ladder to greatness. One will be helped to confront the root of
one’s emotional ailment (depression, anxiety, etc.) and reclaim control over one’s own life. We
shall empower you to use your knowledge to learn that biology, your circumstances, and life
experiences are not the only conditions in shaping WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Who you truly are
is shaped by hard choices you made as a person.
Hence my passion towards assisting people and holding their hands to dare switch into
emotional healing. This opens one up to demanding of self to living the life that exhibits THE

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