Family Psychotherapy

A fulfilling and happy family life is as important today as it were 100 years ago; maybe even
stronger. A stronger family means commitment of parents who creatively get the family to
spend time together. It is achieved through communicating effectively, sharing spiritual beliefs,
appreciating one another and being able to see and solve the problems and differences
adequately. Today’s lifestyle, on the other hand, may put pressure to such ideal strong family
practices and outlook. Both parents are supposed to be working, if not, one of them has to give
up or hold onto career aspirations to take care of the family. Hard choices are made at the
interest of the family which may turn out to be a source of the dysfunctional family.
Effective family life does not just happen because right choices are made. Rather, the
intentional determination to shape and build the family that has to be worked out by all parties-
be it a single parent, both parents, joint custody and/ or co-parenting type of families. In the
quest to accomplish family wellbeing and bond; our Family Therapy services include, but are
not limited to:
a. Effective and healthy Functional Family. The satisfaction is critical in parent -child
relationships, parents’ shared parenting roles (irrespective of working vs non-working
parent), co-parenting in divorced or unmarried parents, etc., because healthy parenting
is key to Functional Family and Stability.
b. Parent -Child Healthy relations. Teenagerhood is a serious stage that can build or
destroy relations between mother -daughter and father-son or even both ways. The
same gender parent also serves as a model to the child’s growth in terms of character
and identity. The earlier the intervention to molding the parent-child bond the better.
This allows the parent to “let go” of control where needs be, enable the child’s
“rebellious tempers” to be thrown within the confines and guidance of supportive parent.
In some instances, a drift between child and parent is prevalent. Children resent parents
and their counselling, instead, they relate better to outsiders and even envy friends’
families and bonding. It is, however, never too late to reclaim the relationship. We at
BVH we help parents and children find one another, rebuild the relationships, and set
boundaries to allow respectful and healthy parent -child relations.
c. Co-Parenting. To co-parent – in situations where parents did not marry or are divorced,
it is a given for a child born in that relationship to seek assistance as it is not about the
parents’ differences, needs or priorities, but it is about what is best for the mental,
cognitive, spiritual, and emotional growth and stability of the child.

Lesbian Couple with Son
Father and Son
Happy Family
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